What is SpotBuddy?

We have a solution to ensure the safety of your cats and dogs. Just buy a QR-code engraved Buddy-Tag and others will be able to connect with you when your buddy is in distress.

Why not just engrave my cellphone number?

Because we are living in the 21st century! We are a pet loving community with the goal of helping you take better care of your Buddy. The BuddyApp provides the opportunity for members in a community to join groups and share valuable Buddy information.

Protect your Buddy

Step 1: Buy a Buddy-Tag

The uniquely designed Buddy-Tag is highly durable and fashionable with a custom engraved QR-code, a perfect for your Buddy’s fashion desires. Buy your Buddy-Tag in selected stores.

Step 2: Scan QR-Code

Scan the QR-Code on the back of your Buddy-Tag to open the registration page. Here you can add your contact details that someone will see who finds your missing Buddy. Registration is free for life.

Step 3: Sign up a Buddy

Start adding profiles for your Buddies. Use the 5-digit code on the back of your Buddy-Tag(s) to add new Buddy profiles. This will be the information someone will see who finds your missing Buddy.

Found a Buddy?

Have you found someone’s missing Buddy? Enter the 5-digit code found on the back of the Buddy-Tag below to see the owner’s contact details and more information to take care of the missing Buddy.

Join a Community

Join our pet loving community, where you can connect with other members to share valuable Buddy information. Keep an eye on the news section for relevant articles on Buddy-Care. Add a new post or comment and join the conversation.

Add Buddy

Help ensure a safer tomorrow for your Buddy by adding them to the community. Buy a Buddy-Tag for your Buddy at selected stores near you. You can also post about your missing Buddy on the missing Buddy group.